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Welcome to Burning Prince- Vegeta Sanctuary Fansite and Fanlisting!!!

This site is decated to our lovely prince of all the sayians! Vegeta^.^ !!!! Back in 2004 I (Lilly-chan) had notice that Subu was going to close Vegeta Sanctuary, and as one of Vegeta's loyalest fans and his best friend since we were kids. I went ahead and ask Subu about taking Vegeta Sanctuary over and here were are! Hope you all like it here as much as when Subu ran the site! As of February 22, 2008 Vegeta Sanctuary now has an fanlisting section for fans of Vegeta that can join and be listed on a list of fans for Vegeta. Please feel free contact me if you have any questions and concerns! Anyway Enjoy and have fun!

VS back online 3/23/04^.^

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Fanlisting Section created on: February 22, 2008

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Last updated: 12th July 2013
Member count: 37
Pending members: 8
Newest members: Dark saiyan prince, Kietta Tharp, and Oliveocherd

Fanlisting Updates-
August 23, 2009:
No new members have join since June 12, 2009.

Member's List Alert!
*Still having problems with spamer joining the member's list. Need to find a script that can provide spammer joining so real fans can join only!
"Since June 12, 2009- I was having problems with spam entries. I will be contincing to delete all spam entries. So please if you want to join please put a real name (first) or nickname and real email address and if you have a website please give me a workable website link and make sure you have either a text link or one of the codes linking back to the fanlisting. Thanks so much!"

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Website Updates

PLEASE READ----->As of December 2007- Vegeta Sanctuary know is updating! I'm only updating in these areas- the Live Action Movie Information section, Fan Art, Fan Fics, Links and Affiliates and any other fan relate stuff. As of February 22, 2008- Vegeta Sanctuary now has an fanlisting section for fans of Vegeta that can join and be listed on a list of fans for Vegeta. As of March 25, 2008- Burning Prince - Vegeta Sanctuary has been approve from Anime Fanlisting.org for the Websites section!

February 1, 2009:
All new updates have been moved over to "Tsukiyama-sama's Websites Update News"



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This site is inspired by a layout that Dark Lady did on day dream graphics! I made the banner/header at the top of the layout in Photoshop 7.0!