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FOX's Dragonball: Evolution Information

Below I have listed the official confirmed information about FOX's Dragonball: Evolution


There's been hundreds of rumours and what if's, but it's finally happening! Some think it's a good thing some think it's bad, but either way everyone are somehow interested in the making of this movie and what's to happen.

In the Year 2002, FOX got hold of the Rights to make a live action version of Dragonball, adapted from the original manga.
A domain was bought by FOX (dragonballz-movie.com) and even though it expired in 2006, they did renew it, possiblt more than once.
In September this year (2007), a budget was set of $100+ to shoot the film.
This movie is part of a group of movies they want to film before the Hollywood strike!
James Wong has been hired to direct (directed Final Destination 1 & 3 and The One) which makes things more promising!
November, this year, more members of the crew have been hired, such as the Cinematographer and the special FX director.

Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. will also be working on the film.

*Movie name- It has settled on Dragon Ball.
* Certification- PG-13.
*Genre- Adventure.
* Country- to be filmed 85% of the movie is to be filmed in Durango, Mexico!
*Main Production Company- Twentieth Century Fox.
*Producer- Stephen Chow.
*Director- Jame Wong.
* Release date- Asian Release- March 13, 2009, US Release- April 8, 2009.
* Lead Roles- Justin Chatwin - Goku., James Marsters - Piccolo., Jamie Chung - ChiChi.

Goku - Justin Chatwin
I think it is an honor to play Goku. He is a universal character, as if a reincarnation of Luke Skywalker, really great character to play. Goku always takes action himself, is positive thinking, helps the weak. He had a great influence on myself.

Chi-Chi - Jamie Chung
This movie is the first action movie for me. I’m very proud of my first work in such a large scale. I enjoyed the martial arts training and everyone tried very hard. This movie is sure to be special,
please see this.

Yamcha - Joon Park
When I was a child, I had a lot of Japanese friends, I was familiar with Dragonball’s characters. Manga is a part of my life. Yamcha is an ironic and humorous character. He talks tough, but actually he is soft and a little weak on the inside. Please pay attention to his change through the journey.

Bulma - Emmy Rossum
Bulma is very funky, sexy and strong-minded, a wonderful character. I’m very happy to be able to play this role. I feel responsible for this role because there are many fan of the original manga. We are working hard to please the fans.

Master Roshi - Chow Yun-Fat
Master Roshi is a very funny guy. Anyway… he’s funny (laugh) Indeed, it is my first time in my career to play a manga character like this. Normally I can’t play a 300 year old man, but I enjoy playing this role. The director is doing good job, I think he mixes Eastern and Western culture well.


The story begins with Goku, who seeks out upon his adoptive grandfather Grandpa Gohan's dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls. Of which he has one, in order to prevent the evil Lord Piccolo from succeeding in his desire to use the Dragon Balls to take over the world. And Goku's quest is to obtain the mystical Dragonballs before Piccolo does.
Written by Anthony Pereyra


Son Goku: Justin Chatwin (most recently known for his role in War of the Worlds)
Piccolo: James Marsters (mainly known from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
ChiChi: Jamie Chung
Mai: Erico Tamura
Master Roshi: Yun-Fat Chow (Pirates of The Caribbean 3)
Yamcha: Joon Park
Bulma: Emmy Rossum (Known for her role in 2005 as Christine in "The Phantom of the Opera" , 2004 film as Laura Chapman in "The Day After Tommorrow", 2006 film as Jennifer Ramsey in "Poseidon")

Emi (Chichi's highschool friend): Shavon Kirksey
Agundas (A Bully): Richard Blake
Carey Fuller (Bully): Texas Battle
Sifu Norrus (Master Mutaito; Plays a boy at a temple): Ernie Hudson (GhostBusters)
Weaver (Goku's friend): Luis Arrieta
Grandpa Gohan: Randall Duk Kim (The Matrix: Reloaded)
Mr Kingery: Julian Sedgwick
Shenron: (voice) Chris Sabbat


Akira Toriyama - Original creator of Dragonball
James Wong - Director/Writer (Final Destination, The One)
John Papsidera - Casting Director (Batman Begins, Independence Day)
Ben Ramsey - Writer
Stephen Chow - Producer (Kung Fu Hustle)
Rodney Liber and Rich Thorne - Co Producer
Jose Ludlow - Line producer: Mexico
Tim Van Rellim - Executive Producer
Brian Tyler - Original Music
Robert McLachlan - Cinematographer (Final Destination 3, Freddie Vrs Jason)
Matt Friedman and Chris G. Willingham - Film Editing
Carla Hool - Casting
Bruton Jones - Production Designer (Underworld)
Patricio M. Farrell and Marco Niro - Art Director
Roberto Bonelli - Set Decoration
Mayes C. Rubeo - Costume Designer (Apocalypto, Fox's upcoming Avatar)

Makeup Department
Gerardo Perez Arreola - Hair Stylist
David A. Brooke - Special Makeup Effects Artist: Mold Maker
Lourdes Delgado - Hair Department Head
Rob Hinderstein - Special Makeup Effects Artist
Akihito Ikeda - Special Effects Makeup Artist: Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.
Steve Koch - Prosthetic Designer and Sculptor: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
Vanessa Mendoza - Shop Manager
Bart Mixon - Special Makeup Effects Artist
Tom Woodruff Jr. - Creature and Makeup Effects Co-Designer

Production Management
Adriana Aimo - Unit Production Manager
Iram Collantes - Unit Manager
Ernesto Garabito - Unit Manager
Joceline Hernandez - Unit Chief Manager
Arturo Núñez - Unit Production Manager: Second Unit

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Renan Bendersky - Second Assistant Director
Paul F. Bernard - First Assistant Director
Gary Capo - second unit director
Barbara Jane Cole - Second Assistant Director: Second Unit
Mimi Crowe - Second Second Assistant Director
Hiromi Kamata - Second Second Assistant Director
Jaime Rivas - Assistant Director
Joaquin Silva - Co-Second Assistant Director
Joaquin Silva - First Assistant Director: Second Unit
Rich Thorne - Second Unit Director

Art Department
Alejandro Ayala - Construction Coordinator
David Baker - Sword Maker
Francisco Blanc - Set Designer
Devorah Galván Caballero - Props
Jesus Carrera - Construction Foreman
Daren Dochterman - Concept Artist
Hana Espinoza - Set Dressing Coordinator
Dan Fraga - Storyboard Artist
Carlos Gamboa - Assistant Art Director
Rick Gamez - Propmaker
Adriana Garduño - Art Coordinator
Laura González - Construction Auditor
Collin Grant - Storyboard Artist
Michael Kocurek - Supervising Construction Coordinator
Arturo Lazcano - Head Scenic Painter
James Lima - Concept Artist
Armando Lopez - Set Designer
Hana Matsumoto - Set Dressing Coordinator
Armando Patino - Graphic Designer
Hugo Santiago - Set Designer
Steven M. Saylor - Set Designer
Jordu Schell - Conceptual Creature Designer
Abigail Sheiner - Art Coordinator
Joseph Strachan - Storyboard Artist
Colin Thurston - Property Master
Marco Apolo Torres - Set Designer
Alexandre Tuis - Concept Artist
Sandro Valdez - Set Designer

Sound Department
Ricardo Cabrera - Sound Boom Man
Derek Casari - Stage Engineer
Tim Gomillion - Sound Recordist
David Grimaldi - Sound Effects Editor
Gregg Landaker - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Michael Magill - Dialogue Editor
Steve Maslow - Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Chuck Michael - Additional Re-Recording Mixer
Chuck Michael - Sound Designer
Chuck Michael - Supervising Sound Editor

Special Effects
H. Barclay Aaris - Special Effects
Jason Barnett - Prosthetic Technician: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
Michael Broom - Conceptual Artist: Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc.
John Cluff - Special Effects Technician
Damian Fisher - Mold Maker
Damian Fisher - Special Effects Technician
Anthony Grow - Special Effects Technician
Eric Hayden - Creature Supervisor
Michael Heintzelman - Project Office Coordinator: Amalgamated Dynamics
Hiroshi Katagiri - Designer/Sculptor: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
Morgan Muta - Special Effects Technician
Casey D. Noel - Special Effects Technician
Mark Noel - Special Effects Foreman
Michael O'Brien - Sculptor: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
Joe Pancake - Special Effects Supervisor
Jason Pinsker - Foam Latex Technician: ADI Inc.
Mike Rotella - Design Assistant: Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.
Michael Heintzelman - Graphic Layout: Amalgamated Dynamics (uncredited)

Visual Effects
Ivy Agregan - Visual Effects Coordinator
Rex Ahn - Pre-Visualization Lead: Image Engine
Fahed Alhabib - Visual Effects Coordinator
Neishaw Ali - Visual Effects Executive Producer: SPIN
Alp Altiner - Visual FX Art Director: CAFE FX
Russel Ang - Pre-Visualization Artist: Image Engine
James Baldanzi - Visual Effects Coordinator
Berj Bannayan - Software Engineer: Soho VFX
Ian T. Barbella - Visual Effects
Melissa Best - Digital Compositor
Guillermo Dupinet Bours - Junior Pre-Visualization Animator: Ollin
Danny Braet - Visual Effects Supervisor: CafeFx
Joel Burch - Pre-Visualization Artist: Image Engine
Jonathan Butchard - Visual Effects Production Coordinator: Frantic Films VFX
Jeff Campbell - Visual Effects Supervisor: SPIN VFX
David Urresti Chiu - Animation Supervisor: Pre-Visualization, Ollin Studio
Tim Christensen - Digital Compositor: Frantic Films
David Cole - Supervising Digital Colourist
Matt Conway - Matte Painter
Donnie Creighton - Digital Intermediate Producer
Rif Dagher - Research & Development
Phil Dakin - Tracking Lead: SPIN VFX
Robin L. D'Arcy - Visual Effects Producer: Previz
Shane Davidson - Lead Compositor
Amy Daye - Digital Compositor: SPIN VFX
Fernando del Campo - Visual Effects Coordinator
Steve Dellerson - Visual Effects
Chris Derochie - Creature Animator
Ashish Dewan - Digital Compositor: SPIN VFX
Mike Diltz - Digital Compositor
Eric Doiron - Compositing Supervisor: Spin VFX
Conrad Dueck - Visual Effects Artist
Nicholas Dunlevy - Visual Effects Coordinator: Second Unit
Charlene Eberle Douglas - Visual Effects: Plate Supervisor
David Feinsilber - Visual Effects Assistant
Xavier Fourmond - Digital Compositor
Jordan Freda - Rotoscope Artist: CafeFX
Anthony Fung - Visual Effects Artist
Patti Gannon - Visual Effects Supervisor: Zoic Studios
Safeer Ghaznavi - Digital Compositor
Mathew Giampa - Compositor
Jason Michael Hall - Pre-Visualization Artist: Persistence of Vision
Ryan Helsley - Digital Intermediate Producer
Martin Hesselink - Digital Artist
Charlie Iturriaga - Visual Effects Supervisor: Previz
Dana Jurcic - Visual Effects Coordinator: Frantic Films
Tom Kimberley - Digital Compositor: Machine FX
Jiwoon Kim - Digital Compositor
Athena Kouverianos - Production Manager: Soho VFX
Anthony Kramer - Lead Compositor: CafeFX
Mathew Krentz - Digital Compositor: Frantic Films
Mike Leben - Motion Control Operator
Joel LeLièvre - Digital Effects Supervisor
Paul Lemeshko - Visual Effects
Derick Loo - Digital Artist: Soho VFX
Daniel Lowenberg - Lead Tracking Artist: Frantic Films
Daniel Lu - Lead Character Rigger: Soho VFX
Allan Magled - Visual Effects Supervisor: Soho VFX
Alex Manita - Visual Effects
Arturo Martin Camargo - Previsualization Animator
Fiona McLean - Visual Effects Producer: Spin
Tracey McLean - Matte Painter
Patrick McNabb - Pre-Visualization Artist: Image Engine
Vinay Mehta - Digital Compositor
Lori C. Miller - Compositor: Frantic Films
Patrick Paul Mullane - Matte Painter: CAFE FX
Janet Muswell - Visual Effects Producer
Ben Myers - Digital Compositor: Frantic Films
Mike Nakamura - Visual Effects Production Assistant
Will Nicholson - CG Supervisor: CafeFX
Desi Ortiz - Visual Effects Managing Editor: CafeFX
Claudio Jimenez Palomar - Pre-Visualisation Artist: Image Engine
Michael Pecchia - Digital Compositor: wildfirevfx
Stephan Perreault - Digital Effects Artist
Jonathan Reynolds - Visual Effects Artist
Laura Rindner - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Scott Wesley Ross - Visual Effects Assistant Editor
Harrison Rutherford - Digital Compositor
George Samilski - Pre-Visualization Supervisor: Image Engine
Andy Schwab - Visual Effects Coordinator
Andrew Schwartz - Compositor
Anselm Seherr-Thoss - Visual Effects Artist
Tim Sibley - Lead Effects Artist: SPIN VFX
Jorge Siller - Creature Fabrication: Head of Textura Creature Shop, Fabricating Creature Suits, Amalgamated Dynamics
Bobby Silman - Digital Compositor: Frantic Films
Karl Sisson - Digital Artist
Eddie Soria - Senior Roto/Paint Artist
Jeremy Stewart - Animator
Tammy Sutton - Compositor: Frantic Films
Marcus Taormina - Visual Effects Data Wrangler
Anna Terekhova - Compositor
Jeff Tetzlaff - Lead Modeler: Frantic Films
Joel Thompson - Visual Effects Editor
Allen Tracy - Visual Effects Editor: Frantic Films Los Angeles
Ariel Velasco-Shaw - Visual Effects Supervisor
Caleb Wagner - Visual Effects
Andre Waller - Digital Compositor
Jeremy West - Layout / VFX Artist: Frantic Films
Bob White - Visual Effects: Zoic Studios
Chad Wiebe - Visual Effects Supervisor: Frantic Films
Geoff Wigmore - Compositor
Joey Wilson - Pre-Visualisation Artist: Image Engine
Andrew Winters - Visual Effects
Nicki Wong - Pre-Visualization Artist: Image Engine
Aaron D. Wright - Visual Effects Assistant Coordinator
Travis Yohnke - Visual Effects Artist
Carson Yuen - Pre-visualisation artist: Image Engine
Kai Zhang - Digital Compositor: Soho VFX
Christian Zurcher - Visual Effects
Briana Aeby - Visual Effects Coordinator: Frantic Films (uncredited)

Freddy Bouciegues - Stunts
Janene Carleton - Stunt Double: Emmy Rossum
Lateef Crowder - Stunts
Jared S. Eddo - Stunt Coordinator
Jonathan Eusebio - Martial Arts Stunt Coordinator
Daniel Hernandez - Stunt Double
Dusan Hyska - Utility Stunts
Yoshio Iizuka - Stunt Double: Gohan
Ralf Koch - Stunt Rigger
Ming Liu - Stunt Double
Sam Looc - Utility Stunts
Hernan Raygoza -Stunts
Jackson Spidell - Stunt Double: Justin Chatwin
Don Tai - Stunt Double: Yun-Fat Chow
Jon Valera - Stunts
César René Vigné - Stunt Double: Justin Chatwin
Ryan Watson - Stunts
Mike Wilson - Stunts
Guillermo Grispo - Utility Stunts (uncredited)

Camera and Electrical Department
Carlos Doerr - First Assistant Camera
Wilma Gómez Luengo - Focus Puller: "A" Camera
Stephen Henderson - Lighting Technician
Casey Hotchkiss - Camera Operator
Juan Pablo Ojeda - Assistant Camera: Second Unit

Animation Department
Mike Jahnke - Lead Animator
Jason Labbe - Character Rigging
Louis Leung - Animator
Marco Menco - Previs Artist
Mario Pochat - Animation Supervisor
Agustin Robles Villegas - Previsualization Artist

Casting Department
PoPing AuYeung - Casting: Asia
Jennifer Cram - Casting Associate
Genaro Hernandez - Casting Assistant
Ricardo Hernandez - Casting Associate
Dylan Jury - Casting Assistant
Lina Todd - Additional Casting
Rodrigo Urbano - Casting Associate
Dan Velez - Casting Associate

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Valerie Manahan - Costume Supervisor
Emanuel Mecholuam - Set Costumer
Mariana Mechoulam - Set Costumer
Hector Alejandro Pineda - Costume Graphics
Africa Zayas - Set Costumer

Editorial Department
Angela Gerardo - Post-Production Coordinator
Justin C. Green - First Assistant Editor

Music Department
Kyle Clausen - Assistant Music Editor
Robert Elhai - Orchestrator
Bruce Faulconer - Orchestrator
Robert Fernandez - Scoring Mixer (as Bobby Fernandez)
Pakk Hui - orchestrator
Gary Krause - Score Preparation Supervisor
Joe Lisanti - Music Editor
Matthew Margeson - Additional Music Arranger
Dana Niu - Orchestrator
Brian Tyler - Conductor

Transportation Department
Ricardo Díaz - Transportation Coordinator
Ricardo Gallarzo Jr. - Transportation Captain: Second Unit
Alfonso Paredes - Driver
Edmundo Pérez - Dispatcher
Hector Salomon - Picture Car Coordinator

Other crew
Juan Aguirre - First Assistant Accountant: Mexico
Deborah J. Chesebro - Post-Production Accountant
Deborah J. Chesebro - Production Accountant: Second Unit
Martin Corkidi - Location Manager
Kathleen S. Dunn - Dialogue Coach: ADR: Yun-Fat Chow
D.R. Farquharson - Project Manager: Deluxe Digital Cinema
Marina Filippelli - Production Coordinator: Second Unit
Michael Hendrickson - Production Executive: Fox
Richard Holland - Visual Consultant
Carlos Larios - Production Assistant
Kazumi Nakamura - ADR voice
Norberto Nava - Security Coordinator
Julie Ng - EPK Producer
John Parker - Production Accountant
Tony Patterson - Assistant to Executive Producer
Walter Vega Puig - Production Assistant
Arturo Romero - Production Accountant
Arturo Saldivar - Production Contact
Horacio Sandoval - Assistant Location Manager
Mark Shultz - Production Coordinator
Yesica Soto Pérez - Production Liaison
Helga Ungurait - Script Supervisor
Efrén Valladares - Assistant Office Production Coordinator
Dan Fraga - Story Boards
Carlos Gamboa - Lead Set Designer
Hugo Santiago - Set Designer
Alex Tuis - Creature Design
Ariel Shaw - Visual Effects Supervisor (Exorcist: The Beginning, Final Destination)
Charlie Iturriaga - Visual Effects (Zodiac, The Burning Plan)
87Eleven - Stunts
Fernando Cámara - Sound Mixer
Chris G. Willingham - Editor
Joe Pancake - Special Effects (Spider-Man 2, Pirates Of The Carribean)

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