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Fan Fics

Welcome to the fan fics section! This section is for fics that are about or have Vegeta in them!

Below are some fan fics written by my friend, Buluma-chan or Mei Yanohi

Vegeta & Bulma Come Together
This story sort of twists around what really happened in the series. This is one of my favorite parts in the series, so I wanted to twist it around and make it interesting. The first major change is how the Z soldiers know that Goku is alive. This leads to our first chapter. Some people may not like this kind of story, but I happen to be in love with them, so I'm writing one. I will try to write an adventure one. It's very long, so be prepared. It may be the world's longest Veggie and Bulma fic, but oh well.

The Sailor Dragon Serial
Sailor Dragon - This is my third fanfic, Sailor Dragon. It is a cross between the two most well-known dubbed animes. I congradualte myself on this one, I think I did a really dashing job of it. ^_^ It is finally finished at six chapters. I figured out the bad guys, read to see who they are. It is based in the time when there were all five Earth senshi and they are all super, Chibi Chibi is not present and Chibi-Usa is with them, and is a young teenager, and I twisted GT time so that Trunks and Goten are teenagers but Goku and Veggie both have tails and go SSJ4. Goku is alive, because I can't write a fic without him. Well, here it is...

Sailor Chikyuu - Here it is…the sequel to Sailor Dragon! In this fic, you finally get to see what came of Rei's training with Vegeta, see a new level of Super Saiya-Jin, and meet two "new" Sailor Senshis. Be prepared, there's a sequel to this sequel too, so don't worry. This one will have alot more action and meaning than Sailor Dragon, but I had to write something that was a sort of introduction, explaining different relationships and why this happens and why that happens, so on and so forth. I hope you enjoy! I am done with this one too, but I am sorry to say that it has a big cliffhanger because the next fic begins right where this one ends! Gomen nasai, but those are the pains of writing a fic on the net. Ja!

Lost Saiya-jin - OH MY KAMI IT'S DONE!!! YATTA!!! The long action series Sailor Dragon HAS BEEN FINISHED.

Great Sites for fics!
You can also view other Dragon Ball Z (about Vegeta) fics on Buruma.net|| Fan-Fiction

Another Great site for fics check out fan fiction.net

More to come soon! ^.^



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